RC 2015/7 – Final Post

Ok, Murphy did bug me – as always. I eventually finished a short crapy video that is currently uploading to my Youtube channel. It’s my first video ever and I have no idea if it will be of acceptable quality, but I’m sure you will enjoy my stuttering:

High Resolution Extension demo video

All aims of this RC project have been accomplished.  🙂  I’m astonished that the wild wiring hasn’t caused any severe problems. Yes, there is some jitter and maybe it’s a result of not having a proper PCB – maybe. And there is a loose contact. That’s it. Not half bad!

And the firmware? Well, as you can see in the video there is an issue with synchronisation when line mode is used. Unfortunately I failed to debug it this day. Drawing procedures that have a “longer” execution time will trigger the error. That’s confusing because both sync routines have been implemented as interrupt service routines (ISR). Some investigation is required here…

Ideas for future development? Yes, sure! Character generator, page switching, sprites, DrawRectangle, DrawCircle, …

Retrochallenge 2015/07 has been great fun! Thanks for having me! Looking forward to RC2016/01!  🙂