RC 2016/1 – Let’s try again!

My entry to Retrochallenge 2015/07 was quite successful but left room for improvement. So I’ll take a new attempt based on the experience with the previous entry:

The project for Winter Warmup will be a follow-up to HRE aka High Resolution Extension aka monochrome 648 x 256 pixel graphics board for Commodore PET/CBM 8000 series:

Goal #1: replace the breadboard by a printed circuit board

Goal #2: improve firmware (character support; more sophisticated data transfer protocol; circles)

Goal #3: implement CBM control software as a BASIC extension

Goal #4: add color capabilities in the remaining time (no, just kidding).

Talking about goal #4: What happens when you leave a nerd alone with a full pint of beer and a crazy idea on New Year’s Eve? Yep! He will come up with an even more insane idea!

So this is goal #4 defined and explained in detail:
– add VGA port
– add color mode with 160 x 200 pixel resolution at 8 colors
– add firmware functions similar to monochrome mode
– buy ticket valid for 10 meetings with psychologist

EDIT: Unfortunately I haven’t had time to get this project going. It’s still in my mind, though. To be continued some day …

EDIT: The ‘some day’ will be RetroChallenge 2017/04 and here is the link to my entry.