RC 2015/7 – Enter Keyboard

Engineer’s Log, Labdate 0715.17. Warp engines are up and running again. Mr. Spock has a lively discussion with the computer on the options to unleash the engines’ full capability.

The soldering iron has cooled down bang on time. Half-time for the Retrochallenge. But there is no time for wild partying. Just one deep breath while downloading the recent version of LunaAVR which will be the programming language for this project. I like to try new languages and this tool sounds promising. One important feature is the inline assembler. When it comes to tight timing requirements I prefer assembler to any compiler optimization.

The LunaAVR IDE will work shoulder to shoulder with an AVR JTAGICE mkII in programming the ATmega162 microcontroller. This is my “hello world” program to test the build chain, the main clock and the microcontroller:


… compiler output …


… programmer output …


… and the µC toggles the LED in 1 s intervals.

All systems nominal! 🙂